Rules and Regulations


Refund Policy               Once registered, no refunds will be authorized. 

Chaperones                      It is highly advised to drop off your dancer. Because this convention is a real audition process to book work, there will be limited seating, if any, at each convention for viewers. Absolutely no chaperones will be allowed in the room during the time of auditions.



Registration forms and any consent agreements per convention must be filled out and signed properly before participation. 

Registration                                                                 Pre-registration is highly recommended! Registration the morning of convention cannot be guaranteed. Registrations are non-cancelable and non-refundable. Registrations will be limited and some conventions may implement cut-off dates for registration. Dancers must be at least eight years old to register. Please note some convention weekends will not be divided by age much like most auditions in the entertainment industry.

No children under the age of 5 are allowed into ANY classroom.


No photos of or with artist prior to Meet and Greet  All photography of or with featured artist is prohibited prior to Meet and Greet at the end of convention day.

Scholarships                    All dancers that are registered for the convention are eligible to audition for one of the multiple scholarships awarded in each city. Scholarship auditions are formatted differently per convention based on the job opportunity.